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Find Your Next Favorite Book!

FireEye Books is a prolific publisher

focusing on several different subject areas.

Please have a look at our most popular releases below.

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Great classroom activity. Have multiple children sit in a circle and put all the fish and shape flashcards in the pond, the center of the ring. Then, call each child individually to pick a shape or color or both, get up to touch the shape or color on the poster, and then touch it in the book. So get creative and have some fun! 

Huge book 8.5x11".

Back Cover Do Bees Have Knees 8.625x11_edited.jpg

Tales of a daddy bee that must get home to his family. There are hidden bees throughout the book. Look for the yellow star and find the hiding bees—children's picture book. Huge book 8.5x11."

The Funky Monkey Front Cover.png

Teachers use several techniques to help students learn critical thinking as early as kindergarten. This book helps children develop reasoning skills while improving verbal communication. Huge book 8.5x11."

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Using positive affirmations for children can be life-changing! You can help improve emotional well-being by using daily affirmations for kids to teach them how to have a positive mindset and attitude.

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What is striking about tongue twisters is that they can be used with true beginners, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced students. They can also be used with kids in kindergarten and adults in evening classes, language centers, or institutes. Even teachers can use them to practice their English language.

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Picture books are a wonderful way to benefit your child's cognitive development and strengthen parental bonding. This picture book introduces a variety of objects found inside the house to help increase your child's vocabulary.

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This picture book introduces a variety of objects found outside the house to help increase your child's vocabulary.

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